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Mixed and Axial Flow Pumps

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 Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps are engineered to move clear water or low viscosity clear liquids at moderate heads more economically than any other type of pump. Precision balancing of all factors in their design provides mechanical dependability, efficient operation and low cost maintenance.

All fabricated parts are standardized and accurately machined for true alignment, increasing overall durability. Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced and constructed with double inlets, practically eliminating end thrust and resulting in high operating efficiency. Whether your application requires electric, diesel, turbine or a dual drive system, vertical or horizontal, Patterson can fit your requirements.

Medium and High Heads For Water and Industrial/Commercial Duties







 Vertical and Horizontal Centrifugal Sewage Pumps

Patterson�s Type "F" Centrifugal Pumps are heavy duty, non-clogging workhorses for sewage plants and other industrial/commercial applications including sludge, drainage, paper mills, reduction plants or other unscreened solids up to eight inches in diameter.

The Type "F" is offered in over 17 standard models, but special requirements are addressed and custom alterations are made routinely as part of Patterson�s unparalleled customer service.

Capacities for models range from 2500 to 100,000 GPM, with heads to 150 feet. Special wear resistant castings are available for handling abrasives.


Sizes: 12" - 48"
Capacities: 500 - 100,000 GPM
Heads: 10 - 150 feet
Solids Handling: In excess of 10" sphere





 The Forceline® � Non-clog Service Pumps

From years of experience and expertise in the wastewater field comes The Forceline® NCS (Non-clog Service Pumps) Series by Patterson.

Easy to install and professionally engineered, The Forceline is the most modern and reliable line of dry pit service pumps available on today�s market. It�s specially designed to handle sludge, raw unscreened sewage, miscellaneous liquids and contaminated trashy fluids...efficiently.

Horizontal or vertical, the NCS Series pumps are available in standard or alloy construction. And, like others in the Patterson line of products, The Forceline is known for dependability, durability and low maintenance cost.

Capacities range from 150 to 12,000 GPM, with heads in excess of 250 feet.







Vertical In-line and End Suction Pumps

Patterson�s V.I.P. In-line and End Suction Pumps are designed for ease of use in adapting to existing systems or being designed into new systems in water and industrial/commercial duties.

Installation of V.I.P. In-line Pumps into pipe lines eliminates the need for costly foundations or pads. Standard piping supports on either side of the pump are all that is required. Vertical in-line suction and discharge flanges are on a common center line, 180� apart, for mounting in the pipe line.

End Suction Pumps have center line suction and discharge.

Both pump types feature pressure ratings from 40 psi to 150 psi, along with flow ranges of 50 to 750 GPM







Patterson MPVT® Multi-Purpose
Vertical Turbine Pumps

Patterson�s MPVT® Multi-Purpose Vertical Turbine Pump offers:

Here is a truly superior, solids handling, municipal/industrial, multi-purpose vertical pump, designed to reliably satisfy your application needs for many years into the 21st century and beyond. Patterson�s more than a century of pumping success combines with the latest in design and engineering technology to bring you the highest efficiency and hydraulic performance with the lowest noise and vibration levels possible. And, no other pump on the market can be as easily integrated into your retrofit plans.











PVT � Vertical Turbine Pumps

Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers have employed the latest design concepts and engineering technology to produce the Patterson Vertical Turbine Pump. This highly efficient pump is designed to be adaptable in a variety of municipal and water applications. It can be staged as necessary to meet desired pressure requirements.

Lengths and construction are adaptable to the application. Special materials are available.


Range of Sizes

Typical Applications








Patterson Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps

Patterson Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps consist of a bowl assembly, outer column and discharge elbow, shaft and shaft cover tube, floor plate and motor mounting stand. The axial flow propeller or mixed flow impeller is positioned in its individual housing just above the suction bell and close to the pump inlet. Water enters the pump through the suction bell, is discharged by the impeller into a guide vane section or diffuser, and then is pumped through the outer column to the discharge connection of the pump elbow.

The pumps may be built in one or more stages, depending on the total head requirements. Axial and mixed flow pumps generally operate in a submerged state with suction entrances flooded. Horizontal units are installed with a positive suction head.


*Custom units for higher capacities are available. Consult factory.

Typical Applications

Model Test Laboratory

Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps which exceed the power or capacity capabilities of the regular testing laboratory receive the same thorough study in the industry�s most modern test laboratory.

Here, under ideal research conditions, is a complete closed-loop system. Pump capacity is measured by a calibrated venturi meter and pump discharge is measured by a manometer, graduated to one-tenth of one inch.

Power is supplied by a variable speed DC drive motor. Power measurement is by digital readout meters as is the rotational speed supplied by a tachometer generator. Water temperature is measured in �C by a bimetallic dial indicator thermometer.

Model performance conditions are determined by prototype performance conditions and the model scale ratio. When the model pump meets the equivalent prototype conditions, the model ratio is used to scale-up all dimensions of the model pump to determine the dimensions of the prototype pump.

Cavitation Testing

Model Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps can be tested for cavitation characteristics, with the model scale ratio used to predict performance of prototype pumps. The model test laboratory is equipped with a vacuum pump which is capable of creating a vacuum of one inch of mercury absolute. Varying vacuum in the closed-loop model test system while maintaining constant capacity and speed varies the available NPSH to determine the cavitation parameter, sigma. From cavitation test data, curves of sigma versus efficiency are generated at selected capacities and speeds. Atmospheric pressure is measured by a Fortin type standard mercurial barometer.

Careful attention to testing details is only one of many steps taken by Patterson Pump Company to ensure that every pump lives up to our credo of "Progress Through Performance."