Requirements for Electric Service Connection



From page 61 of handbook……..


"Starting Limitations. Reduced starting current shall be required on all motors

exceeding 15 horsepower nameplate rating, unless otherwise agreed to by the

Utility. The customer shall furnish details of motor characteristics for all motors

larger than 15 horsepower at which time the Utility will determine the maximum

allowable starting current for a given installation. Across-the-line starting of the

customer's motors of 15 horsepower and less will normally be permitted. When

the locked rotor current of a motor exceeds the valve listed in Table V of the

motor will be started more frequently than one start per hour, the utility may

require the use of a suitable starting device to limit the starting current. Upon

failure to install the required starting device, the Utility shall disconnect the

service. Reconnection shall be at the customer's expense."






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