Ordinance 119079 Effective August 15, 1998 with Transition period ending October 14, 1998


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403.2 Automatic Sprinkler System.

403.2.1 System design. The automatic sprinkler system shall be provided throughout the building as specified by UBC Standard 9-1, and shall be designed in accordance with that standard and the following:

1. Shutoff valves and ((a)) water-flow device(s) shall be provided for each floor. ((The sprinkler riser may be combined with the standpipe riser.))

2. ((In Seismic Zones 2, 3 and 4, in addition to the main water supply, a secondary on-site supply of water equal to the hydraulically calculated sprinkler design demand plus 100 gallons per minute (378.5 L/m) additional for the total standpipe system shall be provided.)) An on-site supply of water equal to a twenty-minute demand or 15,000 gallons (56 781 L) on a combined sprinkler and standpipe, whichever is the smaller, shall be provided. This supply shall be automatically available if the principal supply fails ((and shall have a duration of 30 minutes)).

EXCEPTION: Subject to the approval of the fire chief, the on-site water supply may be waived when water is supplied to the property from two different water mains which are separated by a sectional valve.

3. The sprinkler system shall be looped between standpipe risers. The installation of check valves shall be approved by the fire chief. The standpipe risers shall be interconnected and have an isolation valve for each standpipe. Two four-way fire department connections shall be provided, piped to separate standpipe risers. At least one fire department connection shall be piped to the standpipe side of an isolation valve.

EXCEPTION: Dry pipe sprinkler systems serving parking garages may be supplied separately from the standpipe risers and utilize a separate two-way fire department connection. The systems shall be connected to both water supplies.

4. Pitching of lines is not required.

5. A minimum of two fire pumps independently driven shall be provided and sized for the sprinkler demand and for standpipe operations. At least one fire pump shall be piped to the standpipe side of an isolation valve.

EXCEPTION: Subject to the approval of the fire chief, the secondary fire pump may be sized for the sprinkler demand only when an on-site water supply is provided in accordance with Item 2 above.

403.8 Standby Power, Light and Emergency Systems.

403.8.1 Standby power. A standby power-generator set conforming to the Electrical Code shall be provided on the premises. The set shall supply all functions required by this section at full power. Set supervisions with manual start and transfer override features shall be provided at the central control station.

An on-premises fuel supply sufficient for not less than two hours’ full-demand operation of the system shall be provided.

The standby system shall have a capacity and rating that would supply all equipment required to be operational at the same time, including a selected elevator in each bank, as defined in Section 403.7 above. The generating capacity need not be sized to operate all the connected electrical equipment simultaneously.

All power((,)) and control wiring for lighting, signal, ((and)) communication and emergency facilities specified in Sections 403.3, 403.4, 403.5, 403.6, 403.7 and 403.8, as applicable; fire pumps required to maintain pressure, standby lighting and normal circuits supplying exit signs and means of egress illumination shall be transferable to the standby source. Each elevator shall be transferable to the standby power source. Other than the selected car(s), the elevators need not run simultaneously and the switching may be either manual or automatic.